The story to Ti-Cranium Racing Hauberk in April 1996 I was 20 years old, Mountain Bike Action was not distributed in France and finding it was difficult.
The international district of La Défense was the place to find it … That’s how I discovered the Ti-Cranium brand and its beautiful bikes. Here is this article. The assembly of the bike was impressive for us French, the parts were not found here … In 2018 August, I came across this eBay ad about a Cranium bike … In trading with the seller, I learned that he was the creator of the brand. I took the opportunity to learn about the company, its history … It’s a short interview, exchanges during the purchase.

Test Ti-Cranium Hauberk in 1996
Test Ti-Cranium Hauberk in 1996

(MojoTi) Thank you very much for accepting my offer. I bought the MBA in France at the time. The test of this bike made me dream. Could you tell me more ? Are you the first owner, the bike designer ? I wonder where the brand comes from, how long it has been, there were only 12 factory bikes ? Thank you for your answers, I love titanium bikes and I collect them.

(Jerry Birchard) I’m very happy you purchased the bike. I am the designer and was the owner of Ti-Cranium Racing. It was the result of much passion! I didn’t want to sell it to someone that didn’t appreciate it. Once everyone started using Russian titanium and building in China, we just closed shop. We didn’t want to sacrifice quality. Do you have a DEAN ? Litespeed ? Etc…

(MojoTi) I understand you, quality and passion are not sacrificed. I practice MTB for 30 years, and I am passionate about beautiful titanium bikes. I have been collecting them for a long time. I like bikes that have a story. I have a lot of American bikes and also some Europeans. They are all my size and I ride with all. I expose them in exhibitions. He will be the thirty-ninth. The list is long… Ibis Mojo Ti and Silk, Merlin Pink 1989, Newsboy #75, Elevator FS, Taïga, XLM, Echo, Fat Ti and Fat Beat, Serotta Ti-Max and CST, Seven Sola, Teres, Duo and Duo Lux, Fat Chance Ti, Indy Fab Ti Deluxe, Litespeed 1990 x2 and Tellico 1999, Bontrager Ti, Rocky Mountain Ti, Kona Hei-Hei/P2 Ti, Voodoo D-Jab x2 and Canzo Ti x2, McMahon, GT Xizang, Morati HC 1.2, Clark-Kent F16, Diamond Back Axis TT, Ti-Cranium Racing Hauberk, Passoni MTB 1989, Rewel MTB 1988 prototype, MBK 994, Vitus MTB titanium… Can you tell me more about the brand ? I can’t find any information on it (year of beginning and end, the names of peoples who created the brand, where they were made, how many factories). I would like to make an article about this bike, have you a catalog ? I like to ride with the jersey of the brand, there have been made ? I know it’s a lot of questions, but I’m passionate, and it’s important to have your information, if one day I open a museum.

(J.B) I love that you are the new owner!! I designed the bike and the brand. My lifelong friend who was an advertising art student designed the logo. He now works for a big agency doing ads for airlines and automobiles. I commissioned Titus Titanium in Arizona to do my manufacturing. They had the most talented welders I could find. These welders day jobs were welding air-frames for McDonnell Douglas fighter jets. I wanted a no – bends frame design for a stiffer, stronger frame.

Ti-Cranium Racing logo

(MojoTi) I’m really happy to be the new owner. I wanted this bike, it is very beautiful. You made the frames at Titus, you don’t weld your frames. How long has the brand existed, how many bikes have been made ? I would like to know. How much were you at Ti-Cranium ? You and your friend? It’s a story of friendship for beautiful bikes ?

(J.B) I will look around and find some promotional materials and send them to you. I included the water bottle with logo on it. We were only in business for approx 2 years. 10 frames were built, and we had 1 team rider. I’ll dig up some old photos and get them to you. That’s it for the little story… I changed the tires and the fork to restore the original to MBA testing.